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    2ndo Copenhagen Bridge Invitational Official   Site: 2nd CBI

    February 24 2013: Michael Barel – Yaniv Zack from Israel won the 2nd CBI.

    Barel-Zack en accion

    The last day of competition began with Michael Barel – Yaniv Zack as top leaders. With just two matches to play, a father and son partnership M.Bessis-T.Bessis for the first time in the event appeared on the first positions in the scoreboard very near the leaders.

    Everyone started talking about London TGR  last session about a month ago, when BxB won the tournament with a 74.3% score in the last session. With one match to go the Bessis were about 25 points behind the leaders.  3000 people in the Vg followed that last match, the leaders played against Peter Bertheau – Per-Ola Cullin losing 10 points, Bessis x 2 played against Zia Mahmood-Boye Brogeland beating them but finally ended in the second position.

    All the results Click Here

    This was an excellent weekend for the bridge of Israel. In Denmark Michael Barel – Yaniv Zack, won the main event, and do not forget that Michael Barel had won this Friday the Pro / AM, and in Moscow the young team of Israel: Alon Birman, Dror Padon, Ilan Herbst, Lotan Fisher, Ophir Herbst, Ron Schwartz arrived second in the 2013 Slava Cup .

    Michael Barel
    Michael Barel

    Michael Barel, Israel:  Made his debut in 1994 as member of the Israeli junior team. Since then Barel has represented the Israeli open team on many occasions. He has won several medals including silver at the Open European Championships in 2009 and bronze at the European Championships the following year.

    He was part of the Israeli team for the World Championships in 2011 when Israel lost to USA1 in the quarterfinal.

    For many years he was the captain of the Israeli junior Team. Since 2012 he has captained the women’s team, who has developed substantially under his guidance and suprisingly qualified for the World Championships on Bali in 2013.


    Yaniv Zack, Israel: A calm and focused player who used to spend his summers traveling  the world representing the Israeli junior team. His last performance on the team was the dramatic bronze match against Denmark at the World Junior Championship in 1999, which Israel lost by a margin of 1,5 imps.

    Since 2004 Zack has represented Israel on the open team partnering Michael Barel resulting in silver at the Open European Championships in 2009 and bronze at the European Championships the following year.

    In 2011 Zack was on the Israeli team that qualified for the quarterfinal of the Bermuda Bowl.

     February 23, 2013

    Thomas Bessis and HRH the Prince Consort of Denmark

    The players are participating of the main event a Pairs IMPs Tournament: 19 matches of 8 boards each. Whith only 8 matches to go the first 5 positions are:

    Players Score
    Josef Piekarek – Tomasz Gotard 40 69 1
    David Gold – David Bakhshi 3 65 2
    Marty Fleisher – Michael Kamil -6 65 2
    Michael Barel – Yaniv Zack -8 64 4
    Gregers Bjarnarson – Michael Askgaard 16 42 5

    Josef Piekarek – Tomas Gotard are leading with 69 points. All positions Click Here

    Tomorrow is the last day of play …

    February 21, 2013

    Hellen Rasmussen
    Hellen Rasmussen

    The Pro / Am tournamente finished with the victory of:  Helle Rasmussen (Denmark ladies team) – Michael Barel from Israel.

     Click Here for the results.

    Michele Barel
    Michele Barel

     The tournament was played in 13 rounds/ 2 boards each. Since round 5 the tournament was a disputed by three pairs: Martin Schaltz – Karsten Hansen-Nord, Björn Fallenius – Peter Rasmussen and Helle Rasmussen – Michael Barel. At the begining of the last round Martin Schaltz – Karsten Hansen-Nord were the leaders, but only 2 points above were Helle Rasmussen – Michael Barel. In the last two boards Rasmussen – Barel added 21 points to win the event while Schaltz – Hansen-Nord only added 1 point to finish second. Third arrived Johan Upmark – Lennart Pettersson . 

    On February 21, 2013, 15hs Bs As, as announced by the organizers began the BBO VG transmision of the PRO / AM of the Copenhagen Bridge Invitational 2013. The field consisted of 52 partnerships, each formed by an amateur and a professional purchased by the amateur a few days earlier.

    Zia Mahmood

    The most expensive professional was Zia Mahmood whose partner had to spend 2000 euros to have the satisfaction of playing 26 boards with Zia. The money raised by the auction was not for the Pros, instead was used to cover part of the event expenses. Among the professionals besides Mahmood we can mention: Björn Fallenius, Michel and Thomas Bessis, Boye Brogeland, David Gold, Juan Carlos Ventin, Johan Upmark, Martin Schaltz…etc.

    David Gold

    Impressions of the pro/am by David Gold and Christina Lund Madsen:

    «I shook hands with a Prince, I played bridge against Gus Hansen. I doubled him in three hearts and they only made nine tricks although they were cold for ten. I had an incredible evening. I have never been to an event like this before.»

    HRH the Prince Consort of Denmark at the CBI pro/am 2013

    David forgot to mention that he played with the most beautiful girl in the room, placed 5th and won three silver candlesticks from Danish designer Georg Jensen. Pictures of David and his partner will be uploaded when available.

     The pro/am tournament was won by Helle Rasmussen and Michael Barel from Israel. Helle plays on the national women’s teams and to put it in Barel’s words: I know I am so lucky to have her as a partner at this event. I checked the last hours of the auction every second minute to see if she was outbidden.»

     A battle at the auction and a battle for the win. Now Barel’s main challenge is how to bring home the enormous silver bowl he received as winner of the event.

    Click Here to read about some of the hands played in the BBO VG.

    February 19, 2013

    Christina Lund Madsen

    PRO/AM: Thursday the 21st of February. Venue: Tivoli Hotel

    The auction for the pro/am finished Sunday the 17th with lots of action. The schedule for the BBO-transmission is ready for Thursday and Friday. Click Here to read it

    During the pro/am we will transmit from one table only and we have chosen to show defending champions and pokerstas Gus Hansen and Tom Hanlon during all rounds to watch one of the world’s most lethal poker players’ approach to bridge.

    As an experiment we have decided to skip the printed bulletin; instead we will have a Live Bulletin that will be uploaded as soon as the articles are ready. There will be a Danish version on the Danish CBI-page and an English version on the English site. Link: http://www2.bridge.dk/Participants.aspx?ID=6084
    The schedule for Friday is enclosed; we attempt to show all participants Friday. Saturday and Sunday will be decided from round to round based on the current standing.
     The starting lists that will also show the results from the Bridgemates is also ready at this link: http://bridge.dk/0009/Klub14/KlubTurn.html

    The Copenhagen Bridge Invitational. Official Site: 2nd CBI

    Peter Bertheau y Fredrik Nyström 2010 winners

    It is a privilige for the Danish Bridge Federation to once again invite all bridge lovers to follow the battles of some of the world’s finest players during the 2nd edition of the Copenhagen Bridge Invitational.

    Winners of the inaugural Copenhagen Bridge Invitational in November 2010 were Peter Bertheau and Fredrik Nyström who will be participating again in 2013, although this year with different partners to leave their competitors a chance. 


     20 international top pairs will compete in a three-day imp pair tournament at the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center. The players are invited not only for their amazing bridge skills, but also their sparkling personalities to ensure a spectacular event. The hope is that the Copenhagen Bridge Invitational will in time become one of the world’s most prestigious invitational tournaments, as the legendary similar tournaments from past decades. As in the previous edtition Juan Carlos Ventin from Argentina and Fredric Wrang from Sweden are invited to participate.

    These are the partnerships invited so far:

    Peter Bertheau Per-Ola Cullin Sweden
    Fredrik Nyström Johan Upmark Sweden
    Thomas Bessis Michel Bessis France
    John Carroll Tommy Garvey Ireland
    Zia Mahmood Boye Brogeland USA/Norway
    Juan Carlos Ventin Fredric Wrang Argentina/Sweden
    Peter Fredin Björn Fallenius Sweden
    Sabine Auken Roy Welland Denmark/USA
    Jon Baldursson Thorlakur Jonsson Iceland
    Josef Piekarek  Tomasz Gotard Germany
    Michael Barel  Yaniv Zack Israel
    Marty Fleisher Michael Kamil USA
    Bjarni Holmar Einarsson Adalsteinn Jörgensen Iceland
    Gregers Bjarnarson Michael Askgaard Denmark
    Martin Schaltz Lars Blakset Denmark
    Dennis Bilde Emil Jepsen Denmark
    Kasper Konow Anders Hagen Denmark

     Play with the stars

    Tom Hanlon y Gus Hansen, winners Pro/AM 2010

    Prior to the main event an exclusive pro/am takes place on Thursday the 21st of february, where all players of the main event will available as partners sold by an online auction. The pro/am is open to bridge players of all skill levels and the possibility of a lifetime to spend an evening opposite a world champion. Participation includes drinks and canapees introducing and closing the event in the company of the stars and celebrities. Read more and follow the auction under the pro/am-section.

    Prince Henrik

    Royal participation 

    As in 2010 His Royal Highness Prince Consort of Denmark will be participating at the pro/am partnering a top player. In his capacity of protector of the Danish Bridge Federation His Royal Highness Prince Consort of Denmark will also be presenting the prizes at the prizegiving ceremony on Sunday evening the 24th of February.