How to Choose the National Team Part I


Oslo (Noruega), Abril 13, 2012

"Christian Vennerød"
Christian Vennerød, capitan no jugador de Noruega

Christian Vennerød is non-playing captain of the open bridge team of Norway and at the same time a well known television presentator. For the national bridge magazine of his country Mr. Vennerød wrote an article how he picked the teams for Dublin and Lille. Hereunder you read an edited and translated version.

Who should play for the Norwegian open team? What are the proper arguments one should use to select the players? I have thought about this since I started following the team in tournaments in 2008. Here is a tentative conclusion which I used to pick Norway’s team for the European and World Championships 2012.

Almost all of my fellow Norwegian bridge players have their opinions about  who should play for Norway. As I am the Non Playing Captain and responsible for the national Norwegian team, I have asked many players whom they would select and why. I usually receive answers as to whom I should pick, but I seldom get good answers as to why.

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