Dubinin & Gromov

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The Slava Cup 2017 was held on February 24 – 26, 2016 in the Metropol Hotel, Moscu, Russia

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The Slava Cup in honor of the disappeared Russian bridge player, Slava Grinuk, has become one of the most prestigious events in Russia.

Slava Grinuk
Slava Grinuk

Slava Grinuk was born in 1970 and died in 1999. When asked who was  Slava, Vladimir Ivanov,  from Moscow told the following story: «Slava Grinuk was a bridge player from Moscow. He died very young of cancer, and his friends, who were not bridge players, decided that the best thing they could do to remember him was to establish an Annual Bridge Tournament that bear his name. » These friends sponsor the event each year.

metropol hotelThe same people continue sponsoring the event today, although they dont play and will ever play bridge.

SLAVA CUP – 2017 was organized as a Swiss Pairs tournament (no teams this year).

Andrey Gromov and Alexander Dubinin, winners of this year’s Slava Cup

Slava Cup 1
Andrey Gromov and Alexander Dubinin at the table

Andrey Gromov & Alexander Dubinin are the new Slava Cup holders, after perhaps the most thrilling finish in the history of the event. With just one deal to play they were tied on points with Iceland’s Jon Baldursson & Sigurbjorn Haraldsson who had won all four of their matches today. The Russian’s +110 was enough for a single IMP and victory. Apart from Round 1 only once were they not lying in fi rst or second. Third place went to Vitold Sliva & Pavel Vorobey and they were followed by Oleg Kazantsev & George Matushko, Berend van den Bos & Joris van Lankveld, Slava Gusev & Alexandra Nikitina and Yuri Andreev & Vladimir Samokhin. Th e lucky pair in 20th place were Pavel Gomerov & Dmitri Prokhorov.

Slava Cup 2 y 3
Runners Up Jon Baldursson and Sigurbjorn Haraldsson                              Third Placed Pavel Vorobey and Vitold Sliva

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