Gazzilli by Paul Lavings

Paul Lavings
Paul Lavings

The need for Gazzilli

One of the more difficult areas in bidding occurs when the response to a 1M (one of a major) opener is 1NT,  and the opener has a nice 16+ hand. What on earth does opener rebid?

  • Should she rebid 3M with a six card suit? That may or may not work. If partner has a really weak hand for the 1NT bid, things could turn sour, and against competent opponents, a doubled contract could really cost
  • She could bid 2 of a minor, e.g. 1 – 1NT: 2 to show a hand of 15-18hcp. It means though that the 2 bid would be nearly artificial, not promising clubs. This makes rebidding a bit tough.
  • She could punt a 2NT bid, showing 18-19. A dangerous endeavour, as her partner may find another partner.

 The fix

Enter a 21st century convention called Gazzilli (it was devised in the late 1990s as far as I know).

Gazzilli allows opener to ask responder about the strength of that 1NT bid by rebidding 2, and responder shows either

  • 8hcp or more by bidding 2, or
  • less than 8hcp by bidding anything else

  Gazzilli 2* as applied to Standard American, 5 card majors, 15-17 NT

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