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Fulvio Fantoni Reports from NABC Phoenix 2013

Source: Fulvio Fantoni Official Site

Hi all 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my American friends!

After winning the silver medal in Italian Cup 2013, yesterday we reached Phoenix for the NABC.

We spent a very nice last-European-evening at Marriott Hotel in Paris. The atmosphere of the Holidays is reaching the Capital, but for now it is just a hint. When we are coming back, after going to China, we will find an all dressed and ready for Christmas Paris.

For the first time we took the Airbus 380, the biggest passengers air in the world. Two of the 525 seats were ours in the air, a kind of flying cruise ship that took us to Los Angeles, where we took another air to Phoenix.

The National takes place at Sheraton Downtown and at Hyatt Regency Hotels.

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