Arizona Biltmore resort


Hi all 😆

As we could imagine, last evening we spent a wonderful evening at dinner with our friend Kiki, Claudio and Franck Multon in Arizona Biltmore resort.

After dinner, as I feared, the Black Friday’s time for shopping began. Among the shops I was thinking about some boards to tell and I remembered about this bid, from the Final of the Italian Cup last week:

1 = 14+, at least 4 cards in Diamonds, unbalanced hand 
1 = 0-9, at least 4 cards in Spades
1NT = 18+, any unbalanced hand
2 = 6-9, GF
3 = natural
4 = max
4 = Cue Bid
4 = Cue Bid
5 = odd number of Aces

Considering Claudio’s 4 bid over 3, he must have a maximum hand, so K, A and some extra value. So we can with a certain serenity bid 7.

Let’s go back to Phoenix. Today we are starting to play. On Sunday and Monday we are playing with Kiki Ward – Platt and Franck Multon the BAM tournament preceding the Reisinger. 

After the Reisinger…[button link=»» size=»small» window=»yes»]Click here[/button] to continue reading