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From Phoenix to Beijing

Hi all 😆

After the end of the tournaments in Phoenix there’s no much time to rest: Monaco team immediately jumped on another plane to Beijing.

So the time-zone climbing goes on, from -8 to +7 relative to Monaco/Roma time… or at least I suppose… well… does somebody know if it is night or day now?! When Einstein formuled his relativity theory about time maybe he had known about bridge players lifestyle! 🙂

Here in the romantic Beijing (but I am without Iolanda 🙁 she went to take Lulù, about whom I will soon tell you) the World Mind Games are going to be held. This is a world sport event organized by SportAccord and dedicated to the five Mind Sport Games: bridge, chess, draughts, go and xiangqi. For every sport five of the best players in the world are invited. The participants have a double role:

1) Playing

First of all they are playing some competitions. In Bridge three tournaments will be held:

on December 12th, 13th and 14th: Teams tournament
on December 15th and 16th: Pairs tournament
on December 17th and 18th: Individual tournament

Participating teams and players

2) Promoting their Sport

Fulvio Fantoni (Monaco)
Fulvio Fantoni
Wang Wenfei
Wang Wenfei

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