From Marty Sez – Bergen’s Bevy of Bridge Secrets

Larry Cohen-Marty Bergen

Hand Evaluation

100 Honors — Awesome

Any suit containing four honors can be bid as though it were one card longer.

The Forgotten Honor

The 10 is an honor card. Make sure you treat it with respect.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

If all you need from partner to make a game is a minimum hand with the right card(s) — bid ’em up

I’ve Got Plenty of Nothing

When you have a fit, the value of dummy’s void is equal to his number of trumps.

You Can’t Be Too Shapely

Five-five, come alive.

Numero Uno

A hand rich in aces should be upgraded, even if those aces are unsupported.

Know Your Limit

An ideal limit raise in a major includes four trumps and 10-12 distribution points.

Hardly Working

Honors in partner’s short suit(s) are usually not worth much.

Opener’s Decisions

Bid More With Less

When you open 1 or 1 and partner makes a limit raise, never pass if you have a singleton or void.

A Minor Dilemma

With four diamonds and five clubs, open 1 only when your minimum opening bid includes strong diamonds.


When opener has 6-4 distribution, he should usually show his four-card suit before rebidding the sixbagger.

Flat as a Pancake

Once you open 1 with a totally flat hand (4-3-3-3), NEVER introduce a four-card major at your second turn.

Don’t Wait for a Fourth

Opener can raise a 1 or 1 response to the two level with just three trumps.

Out of Balance

When you open 1 or 1 and partner responds 1 , it is often right to rebid 1NT with a singleton

It’s not Necessarily Over

When partner responds in a new suit, opener’s jump to game is NOT a signoff.

Play It Again, Sam

In a competitive auction, opener can rebid a four-card minor once it has been raised.

Responder’s Decisions

A Minor Fib

If you are stuck for a bid, it is okay to lie about your length in a minor suit.

Dance with Who Brung Ya

With a choice between raising partner’s 1 opening bid to 2 or responding 1 — “support with

Just Another Four – Card Minor

A 2 or 2 response to 1 or 1 can be made with a four-card suit.

Do We Have a Future?

Answering “Yes, no or maybe” to “Do we have a game?” will often help responder decide what to do.

Not Ready for a Commitment

When responder’s major is raised to the two level, he should not jump to game with only four trumps.

I’m Game for Anything

After your partnership has bid three suits, responder’s bid of the fourth suit is an artificial game force.

Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

When your partnership has bid three suits at the one level, responder’s jump is NOT forcing — it is invitational.

This Honor is No Stiff

When partner promises a six-card suit, you can support him with a singleton honor.

From Marty Sez – Bergen’s Bevy of Bridge Secrets