Fulvio Fantoni en JLP 2013

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Fulvio Fantoni
Fulvio Fantoni

Hi all
a fast update from Juan Les Pins… after the first day of Patton we are first.

But now I’d like to prove you 😉

Board 1

You are sitting West and you have these cards:


And the bidding went:

mano1 licita1b

What would you lead?
When you decide, try to engage in this other board…

Board 2

mano2 short

mano2 licita
10quadri = 4+0quadri balanced hand

What would you lead?

Tomorrow the solution… 😆


Tomorrow just arrived…

Your answers on Facebook were very heterogeneous… bridge is uneven, but I’d like to give you a general suggestion:

When the opponent is playing Doubled, the best lead is usually Trumps.

Obviously some exceptions exist and they depend on the bidding and on your cards, but take this as a general rule, especially when:

– the opponent is defending
– the opponent has less points than us.

Here is an exception: when you have many Trumps with a fork, by leading Trumps you are risking to give a trick away, then it’s better for you to opt for a different lead and wait for a partner’s trumps return.

The complete deals:


mano1 intero

In this board missing the Trump lead means giving the contract away.

QUIZ 2: 

mano2 intero

In this second board, leading Trumps doesn’t make the difference, but the suggestion is anyway good 😉

See you later for some updates.