Source: FIGB

Saturday, February 25 in Rome, in the Hall of Honor of the CONI (Foro Italico) was elected the new President of the Italian Bridge Federation, by the National Elective Assembly: Francesco Natoli Ferlazzo.

Francesco Ferlazzo Natoli
Francesco Ferlazzo Natoli

Subsequently, a new Federal Council was also elected:

Consiglieri Societari
Stefano Back, Elisabetta Maccioni, Alvise Ferri, Ezio Fornaciari, Gino Ulivagnoli, Pierfrancesco Parolaro e Alessandro Piana

Consiglieri Atleti
Luigina Gentili e Enrico Penna

Consigliere Tecnico
Patrizia Azzoni

Thanks from the new FIGB President to his voters and the Italian bridge players on Facebook:

Thanks to all the friends who in these months of the electoral competition have supported me morally and materially. The trust shown to me and my group, through the response at the polls, stimulates and reinforces our commitment to bridge and the Federation.
I am sure that those who have supported us are willing to give us their collaboration and I want to thank also those who have been on the opposite side, because nevertheless we have a common denominator: friendship in bridge and bridge.
It is important that we all address in the indicated direction, which has been evaluated and considered correct and desirable by the majority.