Source: Neapolitan Club 

The French Women National Trials took place last weekend (7th-8th of April 2012): team Cronier will represent France in the next European Championships in Dublin. Bénédicte Cronier and her teammates beat Sophie Dauvergne’s team 155-133. The winning team features the current European and World Champions Bénédicte Cronier, Sylvie Willard, Catherine d’Ovidio, Joanna Neve, and Vanessa Rees (World Champion 2005). Sophie Dauvergne‘s team will play online casino canada for France in the Mind Sports Games (ex Olympics) in Lille: Sophie Dauvergne, Elisabeth Hugon, Véronique Bessis (current European and World Champion),Carole Puillet, Rokia Poizat, and Catherine Vives.

All the photos and results in the French Bridge Federación Site

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