FFBridgepublished 14 March 2016

The week of mathematics begun Monday, March 14 and continued until 20 March. Theme of the edition 2016: mathematics and sport. The bridge, sport of the mind, is successfully used as a support for learning math since 2012, date of signature of the agreement between the Ministry of Education and the French Bridge Federation (FFB). Teachers, students and parents are unanimous on the benefits derived. Demonstrations during the week in schools.

7-day bridge events for the week of mathematics

Throughout the week, teachers in Lille, Strasbourg, Reims and Créteil academies mobilize and offer fun workshops, courses in mathematics-based bridge, doors open within the current school bridge, school tournaments or discovery sessions. Sometimes students invited their parents to come and try the sport of the mind.

Learn math in a fun way

The bridge is an effective tool for a fun and practical approach to math. It incorporates many deductive reasoning and mental arithmetic. More than 500 teachers have been trained in this new way of teaching and offer bridge exercises in math class. Michel Gouy, IA-IPR mathematics of the Academy of Lille and trainer, said he was «convinced that it is possible to do math with the bridge since this game provides a great way to learn math or be reconciled with them. «