Alfred Sheinwold

Reading Eagle – 15 Feb 1996 by Alfred Sheinwold and Frank Stewart

«For a second there, I had ten tricks,» South sighed.

«Time bears all things away,» West philosophized.aaxx

East took the ace of spades, and South temporarily had six trumps, three winners in dummy, and a spade. When East returned the queen of spades, however, South put up the king, and West ruffed reducing the up-to-the-minute total to nine. West then led a trump; and since South couldn’t ruff his low spades in dummy or set up the diamonds, his hour had come. East got two spades, and the defense won the day.

Mid-season form

North couldn’t resist some timely comments on South’s play. «You’re a good declarer week in and week out,» he stated, «but you’re not in mid-season form today. Let the queen win the second spade and play low again if he leads a third spade. The other guy can overruff dummy, but that’s the third and last trick for the defense.»

«Sorry,» South apologized. «It’ll he a month of Sundays before I make that mistake again.» We’d hope it’ll be a year’s worth.