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Follow with the Bottom of a Sequence

Source: Mr. Bridge

Most people understand the value of leading the top card from a sequence and the message it conveys to partner. It is equally important to fo llow with the bottom card of a sequence when partner leads a suit and you are trying to win the
trick. The following deal will show why:  Love All. Dealer South


A K 3
K 7 5
6 4
Q J 10 7 5

7 4 2
Q J 8
K 9 7 3 2
K 3


Q 10 8 5
9 6 4 2
Q J 8
8 2


J 9 6
A 10 3
A 10 5
A 9 6 4

Oeste Norte Este Sur
Pass   3NT     Fin

West leads the 3 and declarer wins with the A after East has contributed the J. (As declarer plans to finesse into the hand with the presumed diamond length, there can be little point in holding up. Moreover, because…Click here to continue reading.



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