First Board a Match (BAM) in Chile

  On Wednesday April 11 at 19:30 it was held the first date of the cup «BAM 2012» in the main rooms of the Santiago Bridge Club, a Board a Match event of 2 sessions, 11 and April 18.

This kind of play is unprecedented in Chile, it is a teams tournament where each hand is worth 0-1-2 (win-loss-draw) when compared to the opposing team, regardless of the difference in total score as it is a team tournament with IMPs score (International Match points).

The Santiago Bridge Club, in an effort to promote bridge between its members and the community is constantly innovating and they wanted to emulate the prestigious American National Tournament: «The Reisinger» which is played in that manner.

8 teams were registered and the new technology and the Magic Contest Bridgemate acquired by the Chilean Bridge Federation allowed the results to be delivered instantly.

The dealing machine acquired by the Chilean Federation allowed each table to count with 28 boards and the play was in barometer mode (all tables play the same hands at the same time).

To end it should be noted that major efforts are being done throughout Chile from its federation for our beloved sport diffusion as shown by the recent video made by CNN Chile.

Greetings and we all want this success continuation.