Fall NABC: Providence 2014; Day 4


Monday, December 1 2014 Providence NABC

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Peter Bertheau
Peter Bertheau

Bertheau leads Open BAM

Peter Bertheau’s international quartet leads the list of qualifiers in the Mitchell Open Board-a-Match Teams with a two-session total of 37.50.Bertheau, playing with Dennis Bilde, Nikolay Demirev and Eldad Ginossar, scored 19.50 wins in the first qualifying session and 18 in the second.Allan Graves and company are in second place after posting a two-session total of 36.

 In the 10th position Norberto Bocchi, Barcelona Spain; Agustin Madala – Alejandro Bianchedi, Buenos Aires Argentina; Zia Mahmood, New York NY.

In the 23th Rita Shugart, Monterey CA; Andrew Robson, Pebble Beach CA; Diego Brenner, L’Eixample Barc Spain; Carlos Pellegrini, Buenos Aires Argentina.
And in the 53th our USA correspondent GS Jade Barrett: G S Jade Barrett – Karen Lee Barrett, Elk Point SD; Anne Dawson, Delhi LA; Bjorgvin Kristinsson, Boynton Beach FL; Apolinary Kowalski, Warsaw Poland; Jacek Romanski, Lublin Poland.
Gupta makes Senior KO semis with OT victory
Dennis Bilde
Dennis Bilde
Tied at 145 after four quarters of play, the Vinita Gupta and Gaylor Kasle squads played eight boards in overtime in the Baze Senior Knockout Teams. Gupta emerged with a 164-159 victory. Gupta, who won last year, is playing with Billy Miller, Jeff Meckstroth, Erid Rodwell, Lew Stansby and Bart Bramley. In today’s semifinal round, Gupta will face the Dan Morse team, 183-107 winners over the squad captained by Barry Rigal. Morse is playing with John Sutherlin, Matt Granovetter, Fred Stewart and Kit Woolsey.
In the other semifinal match, it will be Victor Markowicz (Victor Melman, Julian Klukowski, Shalom Zeligman, Krzysztof Lasocki, Jerzy Russyan) against Carolyn Lynch (Mike Passell, Garey Hayden, Marc Jacobus, Adam Zmudzinski, Cezary Balicki). A key deal in the playoff was the penultimate board. Meckstroth and Rodwell were doubled in 3, three down for minus 800. At the other table, Bramley and Stansby got to 4, which can be defeated two tricks with a diamond lead. The opening lead, however, was a club, allowing Bramley to get home with 10 tricks for a loss of only 5 IMPs. A two-trick defeat would have given the Kasle team 14 IMPs and the win.
Fireman leads Women’s BAM

S Willard y Cronier

  The team captained by Phyllis Fireman takes a half-board lead into today’s final two sessions of the Marsha May Sternberg Women’s Board-a-Match Teams. Fireman’s partner is Shannon Cappelletti. Their teammates are Sylvie Willard and Benedicte Cronier of France and Dutch players Marion Michielsen and Meike Wortel. Fireman’s carryover score is 3.5 boards. Rightbehind Fireman is the team led by Phyllis Chase, of Providence. She is playing with Joyce Regan, Yiji Starr and Rena Lieberman. (Photo: S Willard y B Cronier)

Kasle, Solodar lead Super Senior quals
Dennis Kasle of Bloomfield MI and John Solodar of West Palm Beach FL topped the qualifying field in yesterday’s opening round of the Super Senior Pairs, limited to players 70 and older. Kasle and Solodar scored solidly in both qualifying sessions (62.65% in the first; 61.63% in the second) to lead the field of 84 pairs. In second place are Craig Robinson of Lansdale PA and Jeffrey Taylor of Eugene OR. 
Levin leads POY contest
Robert Levin
Robert Levin
Levin leads POY contest  The Player of the Year (POY) title is awarded to the member who earns the most platinum points in a calendar year. In 2014, Robert Levin leads the contest with more than 570 platinum points, which can be earned only from the very tough NABC+ events. At the Spring NABC in Dallas and the Summer NABC in Las Vegas earlier this year, Levin accumulated 571.92 platinum points. In second with 505.85 is Joel Wooldridge. The Fall NABC will alter these totals, of course, but the first set of national-level contests in Providence (the Nail Life Master Pairs and the Smith Women’s Life Master Pairs) have not changed the leader list significantly. 
The POY leaders before the Fall NABC got underway:
1. Robert Levin, Henderson NV 571.92
2. Joel Wooldridge, Astoria NY 505.85
3. Zia Mahmood, New York NY 482.63
4. Eric Rodwell, Clearwater Beach FL 478.49
5. Richard Coren, Highland Beach FL 451.59
6. Jeff Meckstroth, Clearwater Beach FL 426.32
7. Steve Weinstein, Andes NY 412.54
8. Fulvio Fantoni, Monaco 408.00
9-10. Alexander Smirnov, Lubeck, Germany 400.59
9-10. Josef Piekarek, Hamburg, Germany 400.59
11. John Hurd, New York NY 399.85
12. Chip Martel, Davis CA 395.47
13. Ralph Katz, Burr Ridge IL 386.19
14. Martin Fleisher, New York NY 380.47
15. Claudio Nunes, Monaco 375.91
16-17. Geir Helgemo, Monaco 360.00
16-17. Tor Helness, Monaco 360.00
18. Alan Sontag Gaithersburg MD 359.50
19. Steve Garner, Chicago IL 359.30
20-21. Sabine Auken, Charlottenlund, Denmark 354.82
20-21. Roy Welland, New York NY 354.82