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Experts also make mistakes VIII

The Morning Record – 3 Sep 1963 By ALFRED SHEINWOLD

Experts Mistakes Delight Viewers 

One of the reasons for the popularity of «Championship Bridge» on television is that the experts make mistakes now and then. This makes everybody feel  comfortable — except the expert who has dropped the clinker.

North dealer Both sides vulnerable

2 = sign off

Opening lead = Q

Four experts played today’s hand during a warm-up session in the Chicago studios of «Championship Bridge,» and the out-come was a mistake that you wouldn’t see in the average player’s living room. It was a mistake, but one that only an expert would make.

Declarer took the first trick in dummy with the ace of clubs and immediately tried the diamond finesse. The average player would draw trumps first — and the average player would be right. The expert has learned to put off drawing trumps on a difficult hand. This is a good rule for good players, but like all rules it has exceptions.


In this case South lost too many trump tricks. West won the second trick with the king of diamonds and led his other club. East overtook and led the nine of clubs. South ruffed vainly with the nine of hearts. West over-ruffed with the queen and led the three of spades. East took his two spade tricks and led another club to give West another over-ruff.

South was down one almost before he got started. Declarer makes the contract by drawing trumps with the ace and king after winning the first trick with the ace of clubs. Then he can try the diamond finesse, West gets only one trump trick, and South is safe even though the king of diamonds and both high spades are unfavorably placed.


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