[ilink url=»http://csbnews.org/12th-european-champions-cup/?lang=en»]European Champions Cup 2013[/ilink]

Hi all 😆

In Opatija the competition officially started.

Since our arrival, the sea, the weather of Opatija and the kindness of the staff made us feel very good. Then, yesterday in the afternoon another evidence of this Country’s wonderful hospitality came during the opening ceremony, with the participation of the President of Croatia Ivo Josipović himself.

I take the opportunity to congratulate with the organizers. The persons in charge of the organization are Goran and Branka Grguric, husband and wife. This is an amazing pair, they are managing the event in the best way and, while they are taking care of every detail, they also find the time to be always present and available in the play area!

The competition started wit…[button link=»http://www.fulviofantoni.com/en/coppa-dei-campioni-opatija-2013/347-european-champions-cup-2013-day-1.html» size=»small» window=»yes»]Click here[/button] to continue reading