Eugene Register-Guard – 26 May 2007

Eugene Register-Guard – 26 May 2007

This week’s deals have treated declarer’s entry management. You can test your play by covering today’s East-West cards.

How do you handle six clubs when West, leads the jack of diamonds?aaxx

The North-South bidding was perhaps too aggressive, but the slam seemed to hinge on a finesse through East, who had opened the bidding.

After South took the ace of diamonds, however, he cashed the ace of spades and tried to reach dummy by ruffing a spade. East over-ruffed with his king and led a trump, and South couldn’t escape losing a heart to the ace. Down one.

Could you make the slam? South has no ready entry to dummy, but he can compel the defense to provide one. South should take the ace of spades at Trick 2 but next lead a heart to the king. When East takes the ace, any return lets South win in dummy to pick up the trumps. South can then return to run the hearts, fulfilling the slam.

Next time, West will lead a heart, letting East take the ace and exit safely.