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Elimination Play part 2 by E. P. C. Cotter

When this throw-in play is executed in a trump contract, the additional element of the ruff discard, which allows the declarer to ruff in one hand and discard a loser in the other, involves a change in the modus operandi.

Now the elimination consists in stripping dummy and declarer of suits other than trumps and the suit which the tenace is held. The declarer and dummy must each have at least one trump left.

Here is a complete deal:

 J 8 7 3
 A J
 7 3 2
 A 10 6 2
 5 4
 K Q 10 9
 K 10 8
 J 7 5 4
 8 6 5 3 2
 J 9 6 5
 9 8 3
 A K Q 10 6 2
 7 4
 A Q 4
 K Q

Contract: 6 by South

Lead: K

Won on table and trumps are drawn in two rounds and the K and Q are cashed. Dummy is entered with a trump, and a diamond is descarded on the A.

The 10 is now ruffed, this elimiantes clubs from both hands, and a heart is led. This at the same time throws west into the lead and eliminates hearts. West has the choice of leading a diamond up to the tenace, or a heart, which North ruffs while south discards the Queen of diamond.


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