EBL: The End of Appeals Committees


This notice appeared in the Daily Bulletin at last year’s European Open Championships in Ostend, Belgium:

 The European Bridge League is sufficiently confident with the process for producing rulings following infractions that it has decided that there will be no Appeals Committee in these Championships. As a safeguard against the process not being conducted properly, a Review of Ruling will be available.

It is expected that players will normally accept that a ruling that is provided is a fair ruling which is arrived at after a proper process has taken place. Any player who receives a ruling may ask for the process that produced the ruling to be reviewed.

The procedure for requesting a review is subject to the same time limits that applied to Appeals previously. The request for a review of the process should be made to the TD who provided the ruling. The player seeking a review is entitled to write a short statement setting out why and how they believe the process was flawed.

Yves Aubry

The Reviewer will examine the process that resulted in the ruling to ensure that it was conducted properly and that the ruling that was given was within the bounds of reasonableness.

If the Reviewer concludes that the process was not followed in a material way, the Chief TD will be asked to vary the ruling accordingly. Any request for a review that is without merit may lead to a sanction being imposed in IMPs or VPs as appropriate.