Sarasota Herald-Tribune – 21 Jul 1995

We’re often told: «Always cover an honor with an honor.» Doubtful advice. Experts cover (or not) on a case-by-case basis.

South dealer Both Vul

Lead: 10

Today’s South covered the opening lead with dummy’s jack. East won and led a trump. When South finessed, West won and continued trumps.

South won in dummy to lead a heart to the king, but West won and removed the last trump from dummy. West later took the setting trick with a heart. Wrong side South must not cover the opening lead.

If East plays low, West leads a trump from the wrong side of the table. South wins and leads a high heart to drive out the ace, and West can’t afford to lead another trump. South can draw one more trump and ruff a heart in dummy to make the contract.

If East overtakes the ten of clubs to lead a trump, South loses the finesse, wins the trump return in dummy and leads dummy’s queen of clubs to ruff out East’s ace. South then draws the last trump and discards both low hearts on the king of diamonds and the jack of clubs.