Fulvio Fantoni
Fulvio Fantoni

 Source: Fantoni Site

 At the first round, board 9 shows that sometimes all you need is the right convention at the right moment.



Multon, unsheathes his 20cuori opening (major + minor, weak) and now everything is downhill: my team-mates find the clubs fit and can bid and make the game with only 14 points in their line.

At the Second round, at board 30 Quantin and Bompis use high precision weapons and hit the target:



The 50picche bid shows the spades void. This is a good agreement and (if you still didn’t) I suggest you to insert it into your system: when you and your partner find a suit, if you jump-bid another suit this means that you have the void in it.
70quadri is a very good contract, makeable with spades 4-3 or without diamond lead.

Board 31 turns out to be propitious to us thanks to a good juncture between bid and defensive play:



Both the tables reach the 40picche contract and both the leaders select the 0cuori7, covered with the K and taken by North’s Ace. Now, looking at the diagram, you can see that declarer has an only chance to make his 10 tricks: [button link=»http://www.fulviofantoni.com/en/division-nationale-1-2012/239-dn1-the-final.html» size=»small» window=»yes»]Click Here[/button]  to continue reading