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Crime and Punishment in the 2014 Prince Takamatsu Memorial Cup

Sunday; September 21st 2014

The BBO VG was broadcasting the match IMAXvs KATSUTAKESANKICHI during the  2014 Prince Takamatsu Memorial Cup, a Japan National Championship with the format of a Double Knockout Teams.

Board 20 generated the first two digits swing of the match, when in one of the tables E/W were one down in 3NT while the same contract with the same declarer produced 9 tricks in the other table. Let’s see what happened:PKM2014 M 20 R

 West opened 1 and after listening his partner’s heart suit, jumped to 2NT to show his balanced hand with 18 points. Imaxt closed the 3NT game.

Nagahama with Q J 10 6 5, comitted the crime to lead his fourth club card: 6, but ad his partner had the K remained unpunished.

South won the first trick with his K, and returned his 8, again declarer hold his club ace, carefully North played his Q to be able to play a third round of clubs.

But the hand could not be made, the declarer tried with the A, perhaps the Q was singleton…And played the K. North won with his A and run his two clubs for one down.PKM2014 M 20

At the other table with the same auction E/W reached the same contract. This time North correctly led his Q.

South played his K, and the declarer hold up. South continued with his 8. Again West played a small club…and North committed a crime:  he played his 5, and endplayed his partner. South with no clubs, returned a spade.

Very quickly came the punishment …

Declarer won the trick with dummy’s 10 and played a heart to the K , North won the trick, but now his J return was won with West’s ace …

At this point declarer had: 3 spades tricks, three heart tricks, two diamonds and club and claimed 3NT done.

The match ended with KATSUTAKESANKICHI victory by 69 to 19.


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