Most are familiar with “[ilink url=»»]New Minor Forcing (NMF)[/ilink] ” as in this auction:

1 Pass 1 Pass

1NT Pass 2

Playing NMF, 2 is artificial and guarantees at least game-invitational values. The normal motive in NMF auctions is to uncover a major fit, in this particular case a 5-3 Spade fit or a 4-4 Heart fit. This week we look at an alternative to NMF, namely Two-Way Checkback (2Way). Playing 2Way, both minors are used artificially, as follows:

2 Invitational values

2 Game-going values

Invitational Auctions

Suppose that the auction starts:

Opener Responder

1 1

1NT 2

2 ??

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