Conventions: Two Under Transfer Preempt

Larry Cohen-Marty Bergen
Larry Cohen-Marty Bergen

This method was devised by Mr. Marty Bergen together with Mr. Larry Cohen and the convention uses a Preemptive Opening as an artificial Preempt at the Two Level and also at the Three Level and higher to indicate a specific suit two ranks higher than the bid suit.

This convention allows the responder to use the intermediate suit for an attempt at game. If the opener has minimum values, then he will make the cheapest possible bid over the game invitation. If the opener has maximum values, then he will make a higher bid, thereby giving the necessary information about his distribution.

It also allows the opener to show minimum values for his preempt, and in this fashion, both can stop the auction before going overboard. If the opener has more than just minimal values, both players can have the possible advantage of making the stronger hand the declarer.

If the responder also has no desire to bid game, then the responder simply bids the suit indicated by the Two-Under Transfer Preempt.

In explaining the convention it must be kept in mind that both players do not surrender the Strong Two Club Artificial Bid. Two Clubs remains strong. This means that a bid of Two Hearts is therefore a natural bid.

Abridor   Significado
2   Shows a Weak Two Bid in Spades.
2   Shows a 3-Level Preempt in Clubs.
2NT   Shows a 3-Level Preempt in Diamonds
3   Shows a 3-Level Preempt in Hearts.
3   Shows a 3-Level Preempt in Spades.
3   Shows a 4-Level Preempt in Clubs.
3NT   Shows a 4-Level Preempt in Diamonds.

A bid of 3 Spades is not included. This bid is used to show a distributional hand that could/would be opened with a Gambling Three No Trump bid, a hand with a long solid minor suit and no outside Aces or Kings.

There are some partnerships which have decided not to use the Two No Trump opening bid as a Diamond Preempt. The preference is that this bid should be a natural bid indicating a normal Two No Trump opening bid.

Let us assume the following two hands with distribution.

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