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Conventions: Inverted Minors, Criss Cross, and Flip-Flop

Source: Bridge News March 2007

In Standard American, a single minor raise usually shows five to nine HCP, no four-card major and generally five+ card support for the minor suit bid. With only four card support, the bid of 1NT is used and does not show stoppers in the unbid suits, even though the bid usually shows six to nine/ten HCP.
Any rebid by opener, other than a single raise in the minor suit bid, is a one round force showing extra values with interest in game (usually three Notrump); to create a game force, opener makes a jump shift bid.
A jump raise by responder usually shows ten-twelve HCP and five+ card support in the minor suit bid with no four-
card major. Without five card support and both minors, one usually bids the other minor and then makes a jump
preference for the original bid minor. To reach a notrump game contract, cue bids are used to show stoppers by opener
and responder.
In summary, single raises are weak and double raises are strong.

Inverted Minor Raises (10+) in 2/1
In 2/1, the Standard American meaning of a single raise and a double raise are “inverted”. Jump raises are weak (and
alerted) and preemptive (five-nine HCP) with no four card major and five+ card support for the minor bid suit, and single raises show ten+ HCP (with no upper limit), with no four card major. The bid is forcing for one round (and alerted), if made by an unpassed responder.
The main advantage of inverted minor raises is that the bid provides extra room for game and slam exploration.
Most play that inverted minor raises are off over interference. Then, a single raise shows six-nine HCP, a double raise is preemptive, and a double show ten+ HCP, with or without support.
Weak Jump Shifts, one club followed by two diamonds or one club followed by three clubs, are usually weak bids showing a six+ card suit. However, some play these as mini splinters showing ten/eleven HCP. Discuss this with your

Rebids by Opener after a single raise

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