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Conventions: GAR

from AMBRA System in Brideguys

GAR is a relay mechanism to get shape. Whenever opener or responder shows a 5-4 distribution, 2NT is relay asking clarification.

Responses are: 3 shows 5-4, 3 shows 6-4.

In case that 5-5 and 5-4-4 distributions are still possible too:

3 shows 5-5 and high singleton, 3 shows 5-5 and low singleton and 3NT shows 5-4-4.

After the responses of 3 and 3, partner can bid:

1° STEP = generic RELAY
2° STEP = RELAY + fixes the higher suit

The responses to these relays are:

1st step: 2-2 in remaining suits,

2nd step: high singleton,

3rd step: low singleton.

After the sequence above: 1-1, 2-2, 2NT GAR cannot be invoked with 2NT, so we must use 3 and all subsequent bidding is 1 step higher.

When opener has not limited his hand yet, the GAR convention works a bit different:

 3: 5-4, 11-15

 3: 6-4, 11-21

 3: 5-4-2-2, 16-21

 3: 5-4, high singleton, 16-21

3NT: 5-4, low singleton, 16-21

After the 3 response, and the successive RELAY3 we respond:

 3: 11/15 HCP, high singleton

3NT: 11/15 HCP, low singleton

 4: 16/21 HCP, high singleton

 4: 16/21 HCP, low singleton

Keep in mind that the 2NT bidder is attempting game, opposite a minimum a partscore is still possible.

Is not sure what ‘GAR’ means, possibly something Italian, but it would be a suitable abbreviation for ‘Game Attempt Relay’.

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