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Conventions: Combined Bergen raises


Purpose of combined Bergen raises

  • To get to the correct level quickly
  • To make it easy t0 make the best judgments
  • Bergen raises follow the Law of Total Tricks
Combined Bergen raises
1 of a Major
3 shows 4 trumps with 7-12 points.
 If opener wants to know how strong, he will bid 3  asking how strong.
­With 7-9 responder will bid 3.
­With 10-12 responder will bid 3
If responder shows 7-9 points and
If opener has no interest in game, he corrects at the 3 level.
If he wants to play game he bids it.
If responder shows 10-12
 Opener bids game.
 Or if slam a prospect:

                             Ask for controls.

1 of a Major
3 shows 3 trumps and 10-12.
2 of major shows 5-9 and 1NT forcing may or  may  not  be used with 3 trumps.
3 of major shows 4 trumps and is weak.
4 shows at least 4 card support and 16+ points.
4 shows 5 card support in the major with  1 1/2 tricks outside of trumps.
4  of major is weak with 5+ trumps.

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