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Conventions: Asking Eric Kokish

Source: ACBL Bulletin November 2006

Dear Eric, how far is 3 forcing in this auction?

West  North   East  South 
1 2 3  

Your partnership might agree that if your next bid is 4 the bidding could die, but I’ve always detested that idea. 3 should be treated as a game force even if it’s a slight stretch – another reason to open sound hands and not the modern garbage.

Best of all however is to play transfers here:


3= 3

3 = limit raise in 

3 = competitive

3 = all splinter raises of hearts (3NT asks and you show them up the line)

3NT – strong balanced heart raise

4/4 = fit jump.

This scheme lets you introduce a minor over 2 with something like:

9 2  K Q 10 9 7 4 3 A 8 6; intending to pass if opener bids 3.

If you add a king to this hand, you’d transfer to diamonds and cuebid.

Eric Kokish
Eric Kokish



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