The auction goes 1 – 2 – 2 – 3  (the opponents are bidding clubs).  You hold K5432A32K32Q2.

You have five spades and if partner has three spades you have an eight-card spade fit. What does it take to bid 3 holding five spades in the previous auction neither vulnerable at matchpoints?  You are bidding at the three-level in a possible eight-card fit.  I don’t think anyone would bid 3with the above hand.  What is the minimum fix to the above hand, which would allow you to bid 3?  We’re talking about hands that are not worth making a game try.  Hands where the choices are bidding 3 or passing.  If you held a sixth spade, it would be criminal to pass 3.

What do experts look for when deciding to bid at the three-level with five spades?  The variables are trump strength, distribution, number of clubs and club honors.  HCPs seem to be irrelevant.  The main theme is no club wastage.   Pass with Qx of clubs, bid 3 with one or two little clubs.  Only two experts would bid 3 holding three clubs.

Four experts bid 3 with 5=3=3=2 distribution.  All it takes is moving the…Click Here to continue reading