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«Sunchime Fund Cup» International Bridge Elite Tournament 2012.  Watch it in BBO: Click Here

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The total prize money is € 25,000, including €250 for each match winners.

Final Results:

   BUTLER 1º Posiciones
Rank Team VPs
1 flag Poland 201
2 flag Monaco 199
3 flag USA 193
4 flag B.Evertrust 172
4 flag Netherlands 172
6 flag S.Fund 166
7 flag S.Taihu 160
8 flag Z.Huamen 154
9 flag S.N.Power 151
10 flag B.Trinergy 142
11 flag G.Automobile 139
12 flag Z.Jingfan 128
Rank Name   boards
1 Curtis CHEEK USA 176
1 Ishmael DELMONTE USA 176
3 Cezary BALICKI Poland 176
3 Adam ZMUDZINSKI Poland 176
5 Fulvio FANTONI Monaco 176
5 Claudio NUNES Monaco 176
7 CHEN Yunlong Suzhou Taihu 80
8 Krzysztof BURAS Poland 176
8 G.NARKIEWICZ Poland 176
10 SHAN Sheng Beijing Evertrust 112
11 XU Qun Z.Huamen 112
11 CHEN Jun Z.Huamen 112
13 JU Chuancheng Beijing Evertrust 96
14 Bas DRIJVER Netherlands 176
14 Sjoert BRINK Netherlands 176
16 SHI Miao Beijing Evertrust 144
17 ZHANG Wei Suzhou Taihu 144
18 WU Shangjie Sunchime Fund 96

 1st Playing Day, source: Event Bulletins

Desired and To Be Desired
The 4 matches played on tournament day 1 gave us little surprise to observe that the mighty MONACO team was leading the field with an average of 19.5VPs, and they accumulated 78 VPs in total. We would say that is quite a healthy score, but far from comforting lead. Because just 1VP behind, team POLAND was breathing down their neck. USA and Sunchime Fund also had strong games to gain 71 and 70 VPs respectively. At the bottom of cross-table were two Chinese teams, Zhejiang Jingfan and Geely Automobile who had lost every match in all their hard fights, better luck to them at day 2 and we would bet heavily that no one will leave this tournament with an empty hand.

An invitational tournament where 12 teams participate in a Round Robin format…all against all. Among the invited teams we can mention the Monaco team:  Geir HELGEMO & Tor HELNESS y Fulvio FANTONI & Claudio NUNES, for USA: Brad MOSS & Joe GRUE y Curtis CHEEK & Ishmael DELMONTE,  and the last world champions from Netherlands: Bas DRIJVER & Louk VERHEES JR y Ricco van PROOIJEN & Sjoert BRINK..etc…

Photos and Teams Players 
Player Introduction-Monaco.pdf
Player Introduction-USA.pdf
Player Introduction-Poland.pdf
Player Introduction-Netherlands.pdf

Player Introdution-Zhejiang Huamen.pdf
Player Introdution-Suzhou Taihu.pdf
Player Introdution-Sunchime Fund.pdf
Player Introdution-Shenzhen Nangang Power.pdf
Player Introdution-Geely Automobile.pdf
Player Introdution-Beijing Trinergy.pdf
Player Introdution-Beijing Evertrust.pdf
Player Introduction-Zhejiang Jingfan.pdf
Rank Team Players
  Krzysztof BURAS Grzegorz NARKIEWICZ
  Curtis CHEEK Ishmael DELMONTE
Netherlands Ricco van PROOIJEN Sjoert BRINK
  Fulvio FANTONI Claudio NUNES
    CHEN Yunlong ZHANG Wei
Suzhou Taihu WANG Xiaojing ZHANG Qiang
  ZHOU Qinghong PENG Jianfeng
    ZHANG Bangxiang WANG Weimin
Shenzhen Nangang Power SHEN Jiaxiang WANG Rui
  GAN Xinli LI Jianwei
    GUI Shengyue ZHUANG Zejun
Geely Automobile DAI Jianming YANG Lixin
  CHEN Gang SHI Xiao
    LIAN Ruoyang SHI Haojun
Zhejiang Jingfan GAO Fei WANG Xiangyang
  LI Guanghua WANG Youzhe
    XU Qun ZHANG Yu
Zhejiang Huamen SUN Yanhui WU Shaohong
  WANG Ping CHEN Jun
    LU Dong WANG Yanghong
Beijing Trinergy FU Zhong ZHAO Jie
  KANG Meng SUN Shaolin
    LIN Rongqiang SHI Zhengjun
Beijing Evertrust JU Chuancheng SHI Miao
  DONG Lidang SHAN Sheng
    SUN Wenhua LIU Jing
Sunchime Fund WU Shangjie HOU Xu
  LI Rui SHEN Siyuan