The past weekend was played at Club Santiago the first stage of the selection process for the 2013 South American Teams Championships. The second stage will be played in October in Viña del Mar, and later in March 2013 a final will be played between the winning teams of both processes. If in any category the same winner repeats, it will automatically be classified as the South American Chile Team 2013.

  The Open category was won by a wide margin by the current South American champions: Marcelo Caracci, Benjamin and Jose Manuel Robles, Joaquin Pacareu and Roberto Garcia, the other team was composed by Gonzalo Rubio, Jack Smith, Fernando and Juan Pablo Valdes Aguad.

  In the Ladies category the current South American champions win by a small margin of 2 imp’s: Loreto Cuevas, Isabel Palma, Marcela and Lala Corssen Bozzo, over Paula Riedel, Nany of Aguad, Odette Yanine and Hilda Hanna.

  The Seniors category was won by the team of Augustine Gana, Rosita Berdichevsky, Herta Israel and Jacquelinne Schnetzer, beating by 10.5 imp’s the team of Vicente Alti, Jorge Veas, Eduardo  Zahr and Sergio Laoun.