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Chennai 2015 Journal; Day 1 by Fernando Lema

Chennai 2015 cuadrado42nd World Bridge Teams Championships

Chennai, India • 26 September – 10 October 2015

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The 42nd World Bridge Teams Championships and the 10th World Transnational Open Teams Championship is being held at the ITC Grand Chola Hotel, Chennai (former Madras), India.

Chennai, September 26, 2015

Today all the expectations were placed in the press conference that was at 16 pm and finally had an audience of over 300 people.

Patrick Jourdain
Patrick Jourdain
The presenter was Patrick Jourdan IBPA Chairman and WBF President Rona Gianarrigo; Jose Damiani President Emeritus;  and Dereck Harris (ENG) were responsible for answering all questions.
The first three questions were selected from the hundreds of emails received by the WBF in this regard and then the audience was invited to ask any questions they wanted. The entire conference was broadcasted live via streaming. Those interested can read more abut this in an article (Click Here) .
At 18:45 he started the opening ceremony, it was impressive, there were various artistic performances and all the participating delegations, most of whom were dressed in full uniform, see the album below. Afterwards a wonderfull buffet was offered for all the participants.
Meike Wortel, Simon Fellus y Vicky Chediak.
Meike Wortel, Simon Fellus y Vicky Chediak.
Near the 23: 00 hs you could find only few players having their last drink in the bar, most were focused on tomorrow 11: 00hs…the World Series kick off in its three categories.
My friend Simon Fellus, WBF Secretary; was convinced by Vicky Chediak and Meike Wortel that he had his hair slightly long and they offered to fix it…Simon agreed willingly, but I think that after this experience Meicke and Vicky will be removed as Simon’s coiffeurs.
 This is all for today…hope to see you again tomorrow…
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