John Carruthers

TYVM John!!!

Dear Fernando and Ana:  

Congratulations on being 200! That is very old. Neither of you looks a day over 40!

For your readers, here is a little quiz from the Spring NABC in Memphis to celebrate

your milestone:  

Number 200 Quiz 

1.   Here is a rather complex bidding problem: 

 IMPs. Dealer East. Neither Vul.  You are West with these cards: 

   J 10 4

Corazon  A K J 10

 Diamante A K Q 3

  A 5

 West      North       East      South

     —              —              1             Pass

1Diamante             Pass            11          Pass

2Corazon             Pass           2NT           Pass


1.   At least 5/4 in clubs/spades – all balanced hands open or rebid in no-trump

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 What is your bidding plan?  Click Here