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Card Play: For the Improving Player



aaxx 1

South to make 4 (IMPs)

Opening lead is K

You have a 9 top tricks, and there’s a very good chance for 10.

You can see if the K is onside, and if not, fall back on the spade finesse hoping the A is onside. Needing one out of two finesses is about 75%. However, there’s an even better line!

Discard a club on the first trick! Assuming West switches to a club, win ace, cash the A, and play the Q for a ruffing finesse.

If East covers then ruff high, go to dummy with the 9 and cash the J. If East plays low, discard a spade.

All this requires is trumps 2-1 and clubs no worse than 5-2. If clubs break 6-1, we can then fall back on the spade finesse, and if trumps are 3-0, we hope the J will cash!

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