February 22, 2015


The Canadian Bridge Federation just begun a Fundraising campaign to raise $30.000

Raising $30,000 to support youth bridge is not an easy task for one individual – but it becomes a lot easier when the whole bridge community, and the community of youth, become involved!

Our goal is to raise $30,000 by the end of 2015  in order to send a selected Canadian Kids Bridge team to compete in Italy at the World Youth Team Championship in 2016. Canada has been sending teams to this championship before and will of course continue to do so. We are asking for your help to allow Canada to add a team in a new category: kids under 15 – thank you for supporting this important campaign!

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$615 OF $30,000 RAISED
Official Site for Donation


We are so excited about this Fundraising campaign, not only for the end result, but for the process.  We welcome your support in many ways – donate to someone’s page, create your own, or share this site by linking to your Facebook or spreading it via e-mail. But don’t let this limit you! You could organize a charity bridge game at your local club, or offer a service or a game against a donation. Be creative, but be sure to share your fundraising stories with us!

Have fun browsing the fundraiser’s stories and creating your own!

Eric Kokish
Eric Kokish

This is what Eric Kokish commented in the Site:

Bridge is not only a great pastime with which to grow old virtually anywhere you find yourself, but this program for kids will prove that it’s also a wonderful way to acquire a thirst for learning, develop logic, and make interesting social contacts. I believe it’s a worthwhile goal to eventually send a kids team abroad, but that’s a giant leap that might be better appreciated once our kids have had exposure to competition and had a chance to acquire a sound foundation of bridge knowledge, technique, and confidence. 15-and-under covers a lot of ground and closer to 15 is miles away from 11 or 12. I love the enthusiasm that Anu and her team have and I’m certain that we’ll see enormous progress in a short period of development, and maybe 2016 is a realistic target. I’m a believer and would encourage all parents to consider getting their kids involved in a well-constructed bridge program with dedicated supervisors, a good feel for kids being kids, and ambitious goals. We’d be delighted to work with kids who graduate from the kids program with a sound basis in fundamentals and the ambition to develop a serious partnership, but there’s no advantage to rushing to that stage. Enjoy the experience of the program for as long as you can. I know I would have if there had been anything like this when I was growing up.