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McGill New Residence Hall 3625 Avenue du Parc Montreal, Quebec

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The Canadian Bridge Championships (CBC), formerly known as Bridge Week, is an annual eight day tournament that is usually held in the month of May and features multiple national competitions.

CBF members from across Canada, and of all levels, gather to compete for a chance to become Canadian Champions in one of the following competitions:

  • Canadian National Team Championship – Flight A (CNTC-A)
  • Canadian National Team Championship – Flight B (CNTC-B)
  • Canadian National Team Championship – Flight C (CNTC-C)
  • Canadian Senior Team Championship (CSTC)
  • Canadian Open Pairs Championship (COPC)
  • Canadian IMP Pairs Championship (CIPC)

The CNTC-A and CSTC offer participants a chance to represent Canada in the corresponding world championship event, while the other events offer cash prizes.

Saturday May 30th, 2015


Miles Team defeats L’Ecuyer Team and will have the chance to represent Canada in the next Bermuda Bowl.

Miles team: Daniel Miles – Jeffrey Smith – Daniel Korbel – Darren Wolpert – David Sabourin – Shan Huang

L’Ecuyer Team: Nicolas L’Ecuyer – Frederic Pollack – Zygmunt Marcinski – David Lindop – Doug Baxter – Kamel Fergani



Carruthers Team defeats Heino Team and will represent Canada in Chennai 2015. 

Carruthers Team: John Carruthers – Joey Silver – Katie Thorpe – Martin Kirr – Michael Roche – John Rayner

Heino Team: Janet Heino NPC, James Galand – Gerry McCully – Ken Scholes – Peter Herold


2015 ChampionsCNTCBGold_2015_web


Gold Medal — Tremblay — Robert Tremblay, Gerard Turcotte, Alain Turcotte, Louise MenardCNTCBSilver_2015_web

Silver Medal — Guerard — Robert Guerard, Jean Bellemare, Jean-Francois Guillemette, Michele Gagne, Jean La Traverse, Jean-Luc Lachance

Bronze Medal — no picture, Trudelle — Jean Trudelle, Steve Messier, Danielle Boyer, Pierre Jodoin, Roger Martin, Roland CareyCNTCBBronzeDecelles_2015_web

Bronze Medal — Decelles — Yves Decelles, Denise Leclerc, Luc Gagnon, Alain Morneau

CIPC Gold Michael Kenny and Jonathan Steinberg
CIPC Gold Michael Kenny and Jonathan Steinberg


Gold Medal – Jonathan Steinberg and Michael Kenny

Silver Medal – Grey McMullin and Larry Hicks

Bronze Medal – Bruce and John Gowdy

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