England win Camrose Trophy 2013

Camrose 2013 England
Camrose 2013 England

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Camrose Trophy 2013: Venue – CityNorth Hotel, Gormanstown. Camrose Trophy 2012 Photos

England extended their lead in the second half of the home international series in Ireland and finished 11.5VPs ahead of Ireland. Congratulations to all the team: David Gold, Tony Forrester, Andrew Robson, Alexander Allfrey, Tom Townsend and David Bakhshi, with NPC Simon Cope, and of course the team from the first weekend back in January. (Source: EBU)

Camrose Trophy
Camrose Trophy

Camrose Trophy 2013 Format: The Camrose Trophy comprises six teams, the sixth team being fielded, by rotation, by the country hosting the final weekend. In 2013 Ireland fields two teams, one as “Ireland” the other as “CBAI”.

Five head-to-head matches of 32 boards, in 16-board stanzas, will be played on each of two weekends. The scores from the first weekend will be carried forward to the final weekend. The two teams from Ireland play against each other in the first match of each weekend. Teams consist of a maximum of 6 players.

Simon Cope

The Camrose Trophy or «The Camrose» is an annual bridge competition among open teams representing the home nations of Great Britain and Ireland: England (EBU), Northern Ireland (NIBU), Republic of Ireland (CBAI), Scotland (SBU) and Wales (WBU). Lord Camrose, owner of The Daily Telegraph, donated the trophy in 1936 and it was first contested in 1937. The original trophy has been lost and replaced. Because of World War II the series was interrupted mid-way in 1939 and not resumed until 1946, yet the Camrose is the world’s most-played international bridge series.

1st weekend Results:

The Teams


Rex Anderson & David Greenwood

Greer MacKenzie & Hastings Campbell

Ian Hamilton & Paul Tranmer

NPC Philip DuftonWho are they?


Filip Kurbalija & Patrick Shields

Peter Goodman & Mike Pownall

Tim Rees & Gary Jones

NPC Alan Stephenson Who are they?


John Matheson & Iain Sime

Alex Wilkinson & Phil Stephens

Brian Spears & Paul Barton

NPC Mike Ash Who are they?


Ranald Milne & B J O’Brien

Louise Mitchell & Lucy Phelan

John Phelan & Diarmuid Reddan

NPC Gay Keaveney Who are we?


Alexander Allfrey & Andrew Robson

Tony Forrester & David Gold

David Bakshi & Tom Townsend

NPC Simon Cope Who are they?


John Carroll & Tommy Garvey

Nick FitzGibbon & Adam Mesbur

Micheal O’Briain & Padraig O’Briain

NPC Michael McGloughlin

Deputy NPC Derek O’Gorman Who are they?