Camrose Trophy 2013

With only one day to play this are the final standings of the Camrose Trophy 2013 after Round 3.

This saturday March 2, England defeated Scotland 25-4 VP.

                                                                     1st Segm  2nd Segm  Total IMPs        V.P.

England   .V.  Scotland                42-24        62- 9               104-33                25.0 –  4.0

  In the last segment, England added 62 IMPs with some very interesting hands. Let’s start with a board that ended as a push but in which at first glance everyone thought it was going to generate a double-digit swing for Scotland.

 Board 25: Wilkinson-Stephens from Scotland arrived smoothly to a 6NT contract by North.

Bakhshi lead his Q. Declarer made: 5 heart tricks, 2 spades, 3 diamonds and 2 clubs.

 At the other table the players from England chose a contract that attracted great interest in the audience. 

After the auction the VG operator commented: «David Gold shrugs his shoulders and Forrester explains bidding loudly.»

Gold opened the bidding with 2 = Weak 2M o 22+-24 bal o 4441 17-20. Forrester answered with 2 (natural). Gold continued with 2NT= 22-24 bal. Forrester used Stayman, Gold denied majors and his partner ask him to pick a slam with a 5NT bid. Gold suggested ‘s, and when Forrester offered him hearts, Gold corrected to 6. When everybody were expecting 6NT by Forrester, he shut everybody’s mouth with a calmed Pass.

Spears lead his 2. Declarer won with the A, cashed the A, played a heart to the K and continued with the Q, pitching a diamond from dummy. Next came a diamond to the A and the K to pitch a diamond from his hand.

At this point we could read from commentators: ahollan1: this is cool line…dburn: this is a very cool line…

He returned to his hand ruffing a club, with the 4, a diamond to the K and he ruffed another club with the 9, West won the trick with his 10.

Spears only cards were Q 7 5 and the Q, so he played his diamond. Forrester won with his J, cashed the K and played the 9. Spears only had trumps and played a little one, declarer overruffed with the 8 and the A took care of the last trick and an INCREDIBLE from the BBO commentators:

  ahollan1: HOW DID HE DO THAT??…ady: well played…ahollan1: is there a journalist in the house??

 Two boards afterwards Gold – Forrester returned to their old tricks, to the delight of all Kibitzers.

 Board 27: Stephen opened 1, Townsend said 1, Wilkinson doubled and Bakhshi closed the spade game…final contract. Declarer couldnt prevent losing, 2 clubs, 2 diamonds and the K…two down.

 Again Gold – Forrester played a different contract.

Forrester also opened 1, and Spears also said 1, but now Gold chose to show immediately his best feature with 2. David Burn wrote: good decision to bid diamonds and not double – now South will be looking for a slam…said and done…When Barton jumped to 4, Forrester continued with 4NT and didnt stop till they arrived to the 21 HP diamond slam.

Barton lead his K, Gold ruffed in dummy. After a long thought…declarer cashed dummy’s A y K and ruffed a club, Spears pitched a spade. Gold ruffed another spade and played the 10.

Spears won with his A, to play a trump, Gold won in his hand, to ruff his last spade looser. Declarer let run the J and when he won the trick, ruffed a club, played a high trump and claimed his slam.

When the set ended 62-9 I remembered the 2013 Camrose site and the comments near each team, next to England everybody could read: Can they win in Bali? …If the commentators would have asked to the BBO kibitzers this question I am  sure that almost everyone would have answered a resounding YES. Only 9 months  to know…