South dealer : East-West vulnerable

Oeste Norte Este Sur
Pass 4 5 Pass
Pass 5 Double Pass

What would you do as West with:  875 4  QJ10943  975


How do you play doubles at game level or higher? Purely for penalties? Showing convertible values (suitable for defence or offence)? ‘Partner, do the right thing’ doubles? Clear understandings are desirable, but sometimes you want to use a double for one purpose and at other times for a different purpose. That makes it very tough for partner to judge what to do. Today’s deal arose in a National Open Teams:


The defence took the minor suit aces, but declarer had the rest for +650. The outcome was the same at the other table. Datum: N-S 370. East meant the double to show a very strong hand and ask West to ‘do what’s right’. West thought that East was showing enough strength to defeat 5. If West bids 6, this is –200 if doubled, while the defence can collect 500 against 6 doubled.