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The 2015 Southamerican Bridge Championships will select two teams for each category; Open, Ladies, and Senior  to represent the Zone 3 for the 2015 Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and d’Orsi Cup, to be held in Chennai, India from September 26 through October 10th.

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Brazil, the winner of the Teams RR chose Colombia to play the semifinal. Chile and Argentina are facing each other in the other semifinalAs Colombia did not participate in last Year World Championships, he cant represent the Zone III in the next World Championships so Brazil already is going to Chennai…

After the first two sets of the Semifinal these are the standings:

1st Set 2nd Set
Brazil 31 29
Colombia 17  18
Argentina 31  21
Chile 30  18

Here are some of the boards from the 1st and 2nd set of the Argentina vs Chile match.

BA 2015 Arg-Chile SF1 Tab 3

1st Set of the Semifinal Board 3

 After two Pass, Caracci (CHI) opened 1NT, his partner showed his 5 spades cards with a transfer bid, and when the partnership didnt found a spade fit landed in a 3NT contract. The heart lead gave the defense the first 5 tricks (4 hearts and a club) for one down.

BA 2015 Arg-Chile SF1 Tab 3 a

At the other table Pellegrini (ARG), chose to open 1club and he wrote another story.

Lucena answered 1spade, Pellegrini rebid was 2diamond suit, reverse, Lucena continued with 2heart suit fourth suit, asking for a three cards spade support and Pellegrini with Kx chose to support his partner. Lucena closed the spade game.

Declarer only lost two hearts and a club to win 11 IMPs for Argentina.

1st Set of the Semifinal Board 10BA 2015 Arg-Chile SF1 Tab 10

 After the 1club opening bid, and after asking for a heart stopper to play in NT, Chile landed in a 3NT, with South as the declarer.

 The only lead to defeat the contract is a heart, because East has the heart suitJ and declarer needs diamond tricks to win his contract and West has diamond suitA and diamond suitK…to run his hearts…

But Muzzio chose to lead a spade and declarer could develop 9 tricks before Argentina could run his hearts. BA 2015 Arg-Chile SF1 Tab 10 a

At the other table Pacareu (CHI), in third opened his hand with 1heart suit, so when N/S played 3NT with North as declarer, Pacareu didnt have to think to chose a heart lead, defeating the contract and adding 12 IMPs for his team.

2nd Set of the Semifinal Board 15BA 2015 Arg-Chile SF2 Tab 15 a

 After Garcia’s (CHI) Pass, Lucena opened 1club and Robles doubled. Garcia chose to say 1NT…THE END…Declarer made 8 tricks for +120.BA 2015 Arg-Chile SF2 Tab 15

At the other table, the bidding started exactly the same but Lambardi (ARG) chose to show his 5 spade cards first, that helped his partner to re-evaluate his hand and invite him to game, Lambardi closed the game.

After Pacareu’s (CHI) club6 lead, Lambardi played small from dummy and Robles played his clubQ winning the trick. The declarer won the diamond switch, and played a small trump, winning the trick in dummy as East played a small trump too. Lambardi continued playing the clubK, clubA…ruffed by L. Declarer ended losing the trump ace and two hearts as he could pitch losers in dummy’s clubs. BA 2015 Arg-Chile SF2 Tab 20

2nd Set of the Semifinal Board 20

Lambardi opened 1spade, Angeleri answered 1NT, forcing, Lambardi rebided his club suit, and Angeleri said 2spade. North made a game try asking help in diamonds and his partner with a diamond doubleton accepted the invitation and closed the game.

Pacareu led a trump, Lambardi won the trick in his hand, and immediately continued with a heart. Pacareu, attentive to the auction that had marked declarer’s hand as a 5-1-3-4, played his ace, and declarer wasnt able to make his contract. At the other table the bidding was 1spade-2spade-4spade…this did not help the defense that allowed Chile to won the contract.