Bridge Road Warriors 2014: On the Road to Bermuda

GS Jade Barrett

07:29 23 January 2014 by GS Jade Barrett CsbNews correspondent

Marcus Brigstocke
Marcus Brigstocke

«I have learnt that I am incapable of packing the right amount of clothing, probably because I start 10 minutes before I’m supposed to leave, and that I truly hate airports» – Marcus Brigstocke

One of the hazards of being a Bridge Road Warrior is the heavy lifting that comes with the frequent travel (if it were not for carting my luggage and running from door to ticket counter to gate, I would not get any exercise at all). I always seem to be adding something, just in case – I mean, who doesn’t need to pack an extra of everything? As one of the few full time players who still wears a suit, I bring twice what everyone else seems to already, and given that I am allowed 30 Kilos a bag…might as well make full use of it.

 Thank God for Bernard D Sadow – may he rest in peace – inventor of wheeled luggage and the bane of hotel bellmen everywhere.

Another acquired skill is to load said luggage into our ground transportation. I have grown to appreciate the «Ooo’s and Ah’s» from my teammates as I arrange their items while stuffing just another suitcase into the car.

«Now, nobody breathe» I counsel as the last package is delicately placed.

One might think that I enjoy the shifting from locale to locale, but in truth I wish that tournaments would come to me. After over two million miles in the air, I have tired of airports and the hassle of constantly getting settled in for only a week at a time. There are a few places that are always home, though: Bermuda, Victoria BC, Padova IT, Dublin IR, Sint Maarten, Puerto Vallarta MX, Kansas City, San Diego; they all provide a sense of comfort to me and while they are not my space in Elk Point, South Dakota, I always find my bridge family there.

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