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Bridge Road Warriors 2014 # 7

02:57 29 January 2014 by GS Jade Barrett CsbNews correspondent
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
«The first mistake in public business is the going into it» – Benjamin Franklin
Every great non-profit organization requires great people to dedicate their time, energy and passion to administrate it. The unfortunate aspect of this commitment is that they also invariably make themselves targets for future requests of those in need of volunteers. Each year has its own issues, as the ever shifting business and social climates create new environments requiring changing policies or availing the body to take advantage of opportunities. The stewards of the game must have their feet to the grindstone without respite, for there is ever more to do.
The members represented by these tireless individuals often fail to adequately appreciate the efforts of those who perform these arduous tasks. As is true with all leaders, there are always conflicts of various natures between the membership and themselves – running the gamut from molehills made into mountains to tempests in teapots to outright rebellion.
Paul Janicki, ACBL CEO Robert Hartman, CSB USA correspondent GS Jade Barrett
Paul Janicki, ACBL CEO Robert Hartman,
CSB USA correspondent GS Jade Barrett
Foto credit: Ted Gosling
Not to mention they have to survive a regular election process just to see their work through to the end. While we may dislike the actions of the governing body, at least someone believes they are acting in the best interest of their charges. We also need to accept that we cannot know all the concerns that were – or need to be – addressed during the decision process. This job is hard.
So for today – despite our differing belief sets, our fears and annoyances – I ask the gratitude and respect these leaders deserve be afforded them.
Thank you for your continued service.

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