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Bridge Road Warriors 2014 #45

05:04 21 September 2014 Sioux Falls, South Dakota by GS Jade Barrett correspondent
Rachel Stevens
Rachel Stevens
«I am really passionate about my career and my music and I am so lucky to be able to do what I do for a job, so for all the early morning starts and long days, I could never trade it all in» – Rachel Stevens
The last six weeks have been exceptionally hectic, even by Great American Bridge Tour standards, as I have been on four 3000 km roadtrips, played in five tournaments, fought a major flood and the welcomed a new Team Dog after suffering the loss of our beloved Black Russian Terrier and service animal, Sentinel Anna.
Bye Bye Anna

Harlow is an exceptionally rare Schipperkee, a blond among a traditionally black breed. Named for Jean Harlow, she is still quite young, but has already participated in a week long tournament in Santa Clara, California.

She is also 1/20th of the size of Anna.
Karen & Harlow
Karen & Harlow
We travel the 1800 km to the Oregon Coast, competing in the same location that explorers Lewis and Clark found themselves when the Corps of Discovery reached the Pacific Ocean. The Seaside, Oregon resort community provides the team the opportunity to rent a house, and for me to play in the kitchen as Executive Chef for the seven days we will live here.
DumbKopf: Isaid "Pate a Choux" not a "Plate a -shoe" ...
DumbKopf: I said «Pate a Choux» not a «Plate-a -shoe» …
There are many strong players in the Northwest, in fact the late Paul Soloway lived in the Seattle area. In the company of a vast number of accomplished bridge athletes, we will be at home, win or lose, for in order to excel, a team needs to take on the best.

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