Bridge Road Warriors 2014 # 10

Margie Sullivan and GS Jade Barrett
Margie Sullivan and GS Jade Barrett
22:08  4 February 2014 by GS Jade Barrett CsbNews correspondent

Helen Hayes

 «When traveling with someone, take large dose of patience and tolerance with your morning coffee» – Helen Hayes

For twenty-two years Margie Sullivan has been the den mother for hundreds of bridge travelers who have attended the Bermuda Regional. Her patience is virtually limitless, her laugh infectious and her attitude beyond spectacularly good. She has no equal as a trip organizer. When the [ilink url=»″]Great American Bridge Tour[/ilink] joined her as travelers over ten years ago, our enjoyment of our journey to Bermuda increased dramatically.
Margie Sullivan
Margie Sullivan

Her many years as an owner of a Bed and Breakfast on Cape Cod certainly qualified her for the daunting task of shepherding the collection of athletes with all their idiosyncratic quirks and wiles from place to place, always on the lookout for the stragglers and the lost while keeping enough wits about her to have acquired every championship title the tournament has to offer.
 Margie is always quick with words of encouragement and a smile to those having a rough go of it, just as she has always been fully aware of the successes of her charges, joining in their celebrations even when they have come at her expense. She is the epitome of the exemplary sportswoman.

So it is fitting that the Bermuda Ministry of Tourism Award found a place in her arms, for we all know she righteously deserves it. Congratulations to Margie Sullivan, competitor, supporter and Mother Hen to the Pompano Beach Club contingent of the Bermuda Regional.
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