Bridge plus Courage by Matthew Mallory


Just last week my partner faced an incredible problem at another Regional Knockout Teams.

White against red, the auction goes 3 — 3 (by me) – and 4.

He held this modest collection:

  Kxxxxx Txxxxx __ x!!!

You have a mighty 3 high-card points, but you might make a million tricks. Who knows? You can certainly bid 4, but this seems pretty cowardly, you won’t know what to do over 5(probably bid 5), and may have to take insurance and bid 6 over 6.

You can try to be more scientific and Q-bid 5, partner will bid 5, and you still don’t know what to do. The third choice, of course, is to call up all your courage and bid 6.

Partner could hold as little as AQxxx x xxx Axxx and 6 seems close to 100%. Change the x to the A and you should make 7 with 17 high-card points.

Give partner a void in and you probably make 7 with 13 high-card points.

What do you do? (see below)Mano bridge cartoon

My partner looked at his cards in disbelief and bid 6.

I held AQxxx Ax xx Axxx, and the slam was 100%.

I think his bid is best, since it makes a much better story if it works.