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Bridge of Tomorrow – Now: The Bridge Spinner

Thursday January 15th 2015

Christina Lund Madsen
Christina Lund Madsen

Today Christina Lund Madsen posted in the CBI Facebook page:

Finally it is official!

We are proud to announce that the Bridge+Dealer, formerly known as the Bridge Spinner, will have its debut at the main event at the 2015 Copenhagen Bridge Invitational!

It is a device that is placed in the middle of the table and deals cards from a deal source. No more waiting for boards or holding 14 cards.

But that is not all: The new software makes it possible to record the entire bidding and play – as long as the players remember not to shuffle their cards!

There are lots of other features that will be presented in the near future. We start by letting the world star test the coolest gadget in the bridge world from Friday-Sunday at the CBI 2015.

But what is the Bridge Spinner?

Source: Bridge4People

The BridgeSpinner solution have been designed from the ground up to take advantage of modern technologies and use the latest developments in tablet and smartphone devices while maintaining the traditional way of laying the cards at the table.


The BridgeSpinner device sits at the middle of the bridge table and invisibly and quietly shuffles the next cards while you play a deal. When you are ready for the next deal – like magic the cards emerge and four new hands are ready to play.

Despite the BridgeSpinner is both advanced and revolutionary for the bridge world it is still surprisingly easy to use because we use a standard tablet and our software to manage the BridgeSpinner – the BridgeTablet.

The BridgeTablet

The BridgeTablet is the scoring device (app) that wirelessly communicates with the BridgeSpinner. The BridgeTablet also shows information from the BridgeSpinner like deal status and results.

One of the four players controls the BridgeTablet and via easy-to-use touch screens manage the deals and can for example as illustrated easily register the contracts.bridge tablet

More information in: Bridge4People


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