Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph – 13 Oct 1955

Opening lead-K

There isn’t a good name in English for the end position in today’s hand. Some experts call it by the French name «en passant» borrowed from chess. since South makes his trump ‘in passing.» Whatever name is used. the play is very fine.

West opened the king of diamond, and declarer won in dummy with the ace. At first glance South was very happy with his contract, although he had had misgivings during the bidding. The complications appeared later.

At the second trick declarer led a trump from the dummy and won with the king in his own hand. He got back to dummy with the ace of hearts to lead another spade, and this time won with the queen of spades in his own hand.

West’s diamond discard was a disappointment South next led a club and finessed dummy’s jack. East won with the queen of clubs and returned a diamond to make South ruff. South led another club to knock out the ace, and East returned another diamond to make South ruff again.

Now South was down to the blank jack of spades, and East still had the ace/ten. How was South to avoid the loss of two trump tricks?

The only hope was to cash the side tricks and lead from dummy at the twelfth trick. Hence South cashed the king and queen of hearts, followed by the king of clubs. East had to follow suit to all of these plays, after which he was left with his two trumps. When dummy now led the last club, there was no way for East to shut out dectarer’s jack of spades. East could make only the ace of trumps, and South fulfilled his contract.