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Bridge & Humor: Two Little Old Ladies

Two little old ladies were playing in a tournament against two celebrated masters.

One of the ladies opened the bidding with one no trump. The master to her left was looking at a hand containing 14 points on which he considered bidding. He turned to the opening bidder’s partner and asked, «What kind of no trumps do you play?»

«Strong,» she answered, «around 20 points.»

Whereupon the master hastily passed and so did the opening bidder’s partner. The Dummy laid down 2 queens and a jack and the expert silently congratulated himself for not having stuck his neck out.

But the defence started to take trick after trick and eventually accumulated 9 of them beating the contract 3, un-doubled. Game, it developed, was cold in the masters’ hand.

expert with the 14 point hand turned to the dummy and said in an aggrieved tone, «Didn’t you say you played a strong no trump?»

«I do,» answered the little old lady. «But my partner plays a weak no trump, about 12 points.»



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